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How Carriers Find, Hire, & Keep Drivers...
We will get you in front of our 1,000,000+ active driver network in which we coach and manage.
We will get you in front of our 1,000,000+ active driver network in which we coach and manage. 

We are not trying to be a media, branding, recruiting, or job board

We work with drivers daily on all things and we can not only help you get your message over to our network of almost 1/3 of the drivers in the US but on a daily we are adding hundreds more to our network. 

We will not only deliver qualified candidates to fill your seats, but we will also help you keep them in your seat with our retention program. 

You get all this by default when working with our network and we do not ask for any real money until the driver is delivered. 
Top agency for more than 18 years and has always been a top producer for some of the best trucking companies in the world (Fortune 500, small, medium and large.) 

The point here and what makes KeepDrivers stand out is not that we have 1 million+ active database of is the active drivers we coach on a daily basis. 
They are asking about opportunities and we have been servicing many of the top trucking companies in the world.

But, due to a large growth in drivers, we are strategically adding
new carrier partners each and every day.

We do all these technical moves in media, branding, recruiting and retention to maintain a steady flow of drivers to our carrier partners.

The part we do in retention on testimonials, has never been done before and it is what really stands out to every carrier we speak to. 

We help them keep the drivers in the seat.

Also the fact that the when we approach drivers we do it in a non-biased approach. 

That's important to these drivers because they want honesty and real feedback from the field, not a biased trucking company suggestion.

So, we can help our carrier partners in ways they cannot get without our company.
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